Kirsten storms and brandon barash dating who is fugative dating

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Kirsten storms and brandon barash dating

I also fully concede that Jax is far from a victim -- he's a billionaire adventurer who hasn't spent much time in Port Charles since 2011.Plus, she went from Sonny's house straight into Jax's arms, so she's far from innocent.

Will unlikely heroes emerge to save the day, or will the usual suspects continue to reign supreme?The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the Spectra Family is back on B&B, and there’s a new Sally Spectra in town.The 2017 version of Sally Spectra is actually the original Sally’s niece, who was named after her late Aunt.However, none of that matters to me because I want Sonny to pay for something. I'm sick and tired of him always being absolved, forgiven, or redeemed then going along his merry way without skipping a beat. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect Sonny to be a saint, but if he's going to do bad things, then there should be some consequences.I tend to have more empathy -- and forgiveness -- for someone like Julian because he's not made of Teflon.

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Kelly was seen in her bikini playing ball with some other friends as well.

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