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That’s right, everybody’s favorite actor from critically acclaimed hits such as “The Fly” and “Jurassic Park” has decided to take your beautiful little behind on a date. The two of you locked eyes from across the produce department. The only problem is what I — the omniscient narrator — stated in the previous paragraph: you don’t know what to wear. As Jeff begins to drive — a little faster than you would care to go — a silence falls between you. Jeff’s muscles ripple under his shirt as he makes the pasta dough.He took your face in his beautiful, sweaty hands and said: “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life and I have traveled across time and space to be with only you. You want to wear something that shows your best assets, but you also don’t want Jeff to get the wrong idea. After tearing clothes from your closet and drawers, holding up various outfits to the mirror, you fall to the floor, weeping, because nothing is good enough for Jeff. He insists on leaving the radio off, the worm hole messed with his brain a little bit and he’s sensitive to wavelengths. That’s when you know: you’re making spaghetti bolognese with Jeff Goldblum. Hand rolled spaghetti — he is officially the perfect man.Famous women who have dated Jeff Goldblum, listed by most recent with photos when available. These women come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that Jeff Goldblum has either dated or canoodled with. This list features Jeff Goldblum's ex-girlfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what their profession is.

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Stunning Tania plays Alex Rousseau in Lost whose character was shot and killed by Keamy (Kevin Durand) after her adoptive father Ben (Michael Emerson) refused to listen to his demands.

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