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The 20 million careful owners of James Blunt’s sensitive soft-rock albums may have always believed him to be a name to drop in fashionable circles, but his brilliantly witty emergence on Twitter, the gung-ho Top Gear appearances (he attempted to roll the ‘reasonably priced’ guest car, and raced the fastest lap ever recorded in wet conditions) and his unapologetic, latter-day playboy lifestyle have sealed the deal for the singer whose hits include You’re Beautiful, Goodbye My Lover and 1973.He is currently cooler than the other side of the pillow.‘I don’t know whether to be insulted by the accusation,’ Blunt puzzles, scratching his stubble backstage at an Austrian arena as he prepares to play his 131st show of the year."The direct command [that] came in from General Wesley Clark was to overpower them," he said.

Fergie, dressed in a navy jacket and black skirt on the hottest day of the year, strode up to Beatrice, who sat outside George in Mayfair with Blunt, his lawyer wife Sofia Wellesley, Prince Harry's friend Astrid Harbord and nutritionist Gabriela Peacock.

A decade after the release of the former Army captain’s debut album, Back To Bedlam, Blunt has enjoyed a remarkable year and a dramatic boost in the hipster opinion polls.

In the past 12 months he has turned 40, released his fourth studio album, Moon Landing, re-entered the singles chart’s orbit with Bonfire Heart, and married his girlfriend Sofia Wellesley, granddaughter of the Duke Of Wellington.

She happily chatted with Beatrice and her pals — leaning in from the street at one point to introduce her friend to the youthful group.

The Stowe-educated socialite has been courting Eugenie, 27, since they met seven years ago in the Alpine ski resort of Verbier — where Prince Andrew and Fergie own a £13 million chalet — and the pair are widely tipped to marry.

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A column of 30,000 Nato troops is advancing towards Pristina airfield – a crucial strategic position. Blunt was then 25, a captain in the Life Guards and the lead officer at the front of the Nato column.

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