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Cheng launched the quadcopter into the air towards Bardarbunga and used a wireless video transmission system to see what the drone's camera was picking up, Wired reported.

He recorded the footage so that he would have a video if the drone was destroyed.

Cheng told US site Ktar news: "One of the policemen came over to us and said, 'We checked the rules, and vehicles can't drive closer. I have to inform you that we officially do not recommend this, because it's dangerous.'" When Cheng retrieved is equipment, he discovered the front of the camera had melted but the memory card and footage were still intact.

Two men and a quadcopter drone have captured incredible footage of the ongoing eruption at Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano, despite the front of the camera melting.

Eric Cheng, director of aerial imaging for the drone maker DJI, and photographer Ragnar Th.

Because of this, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which operates the International Airways Volcano Watch system, recommends implementing a no-fly zone if volcanic ash is detectable in airspace.

Aviation consultant, Chris Yates explained: "The ICAO regulation that has prompted this widespread grounding is from experience gained from over 80 incidents between 19 [as well as] computer modelling and best 'guestimate'." But the current paralysis of UK and European air traffic is unprecedented, so the regulations may have to be changed in order to get things moving. are clearly making the argument that we are being over cautious in grounding all flights," said Mr Yates.

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Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find it when some volcano does start acting up around the world! Pacific ——-Hawai’i (United States) - info - webcam Western/Southern Pacific ————————Japan - The Japanese Meteorological Agency has a page of 40 webcams, but the names are all in Japanese.

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