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Ya can walk around in your underwear and one time or another you are bound to walk in on someone naked or something. I think mainly because she was my ideal type of woman and she was only about 12 years older than me and always looked way younger.

Well one day I came home early from work and my Aunt was always home all day by herself. She didn’t notice me for a good minute so I just stood their in awe.

I was back then living in the USA with my "best friend", we were unseparable. we shared everything till I realized he was a manipulative person, he manipulated me, and drove me down making me think I was worth nothing. Control Part I Josh Anderson was 18 years old and spending his last summer before he graduated high school when he discovered something utterly fascinating about himself.

I am a man of 40 and very much a straight man too..

The evangelist promised my mom to watch all four of us but he didn't.

I was around 18 years old when this incident happened and now i am 20 almost turning 21. I always use to stare at her big breasts and a very cute ass which looked even cuter when she use to wear tight blouse and saree I use to accidentally bump into her from behind and always grabbed her ass, it felt so good, she always thought it was an accident.

I came in the house and she had just got out of the shower and I walked in the living room and right in the middle of the room their was my Aunt butt ass naked watching something on T. She turned around and jumped a mile and I said I was sorry.

She looked at me and said that’s ok because I didn’t think anyone would be home this early.

We have no child, due to fertility problem of wife and she is in under treatment with gynecologist.

I love and respect very much to my wife, also I gave full freedom to wife for family and financial activities.

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The good things started happening when I moved in with her, my Uncle, and my Cousins.

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