Hilary duff dating mike rob and kristen dating again

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Hilary duff dating mike

alleged that the actress has already moved on from her soon-to-be-ex-husband after filing for divorce earlier this month.

The 27-year-old has reportedly gotten "really close" with someone she is working with.

Duff allegedly just wants to make sure her earnings and possessions remain hers.

The two married in 2010 and when they separated, Duff's mom, Susan, reportedly said, "They're better friends than a married couple." The two, though divorcing, will likely remain civil for Luca. ' We're really good friends and we have so much respect for each other and obviously Luca is our No.

"They stuck close together all night and really enjoyed the show," a source allegedly told the publication.

Comrie and Duff were estranged for one year before she finally filed for divorce after Comrie was caught having a wild night out at a bar.

"It became just this big, funny thing, but real," Hilary Duff told Billboard.

"I really did go on the dates, and I really did talk with the guys. I'm not currently swiping, but it was fun." The "So Yesterday" songstress is determined to experience what it's like to live normally.

Despite initial rumours suggesting the duo were trying to rekindle their romance, the singer dropped jaws when she filed for divorce just over a year later in February 2015.

She told Pride Source that she needed to step out of the limelight unlike other former Disney stars who continued their careers.

"Instead of me trying to calculate how to do it and how to be successful at it - a lot of people chose different ways than I did, like Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins [Mary-Kate and Ashley] and even Miley Cyrus - I just chose to bow out for a minute," she said. I grew up in the spotlight and on tour and with everyone just knowing me and knowing me a certain way," the mother-of-one continued.

"They looked like they were having fun because the game was crazy but I didn't notice them acting affectionate of anything like that.

They were just watching and cheering with everybody in the restaurant." It's believed the former Disney star is keen to keep her romance under wraps for now because she doesn't want to confuse her four-year-old son Luca, whom she has with her ex-partner Mike, until she's sure she's found the real deal.

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