Good 1 year dating anniversary gifts for her

Posted by / 08-Mar-2017 00:37

Here's a 's guide to the best and worst anniversary gifts. A shared adventure Novel experiences keep relationships exciting ...

even if you've heard your husband tell the same story 326 times.

A daily journal that you fill out as a couple for three years.

Each day you answer a question together and by the time those three years are over, you'll have a wonderful time capsule of your early married life.

And I was wondering what would be a great gift for her. If you want something nice and simple I suggest a teddy bear with the traditional "i love you" heart with some chocolates or something.

After you dedicate your day you can upload pictures, video, songs as well as write a sentimental message to your girlfriend and announce to the world your love for her.

Creating a book to mark your 1 year anniversary together will certainly be an amazing gift to present to your girlfriend.

Perfect for this is our Message In a Bottle which is highly rated by our customers.

Why not whisk her away on a romantic getaway with our Ultimate Choice for Two.

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