Gillette razor dating guide

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Now that's a pretty cool 1960s spy gadget sequence that the modern Bond films can take an example of.The Gillette Slim Adjustable 1-9 razor is still easy to find on e Bay (see below for the most recent offerings).The price for a Fatboy in good shaving condition rises daily and it's very difficult to find.It is important to know what a Fatboy looks like since there are other razors that look similar but are nowhere near the same in quality or value.Other more interesting curiosities soon caught my attention and I forgot about the blade puzzle.I discovered the answer only after I became addicted to safety razor collecting.

The online shaving store The Executive Shaving Company usually has a few of these original 1960s razors in stock as well (see their current Vintage Gillette Slim listings).

Available at: Other times we see Bond shave include the movies Live And Let Die (Schick injector razor with Schick lather shaving cream), Die Another Day (Norelco/Philips shaver) and Sky Fall (razor, brush, wooden bowl).

The Gillette Slim Adjustable is a great razor second only to the legendary Fat Boy as the most popular double edge razors Gillette ever produced.

pre-teen, I wondered why my Dad's double edge razor blades had that weird shape.

Was it simply an artistic design or was there some rational reason?

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Also provide tips on how to identify it as it can be mistaken with other razors.

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