Gemini dating a sagittarius jena malone dating

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Gemini dating a sagittarius

Neither one of you can be saddled with the emotional care and feeding of an adult baby. When your problems gain too much mental gravitas, it's time to move—literally.Disperse your Martian angst and anger with lots of physical exertion. Try snowboarding, exotic bike tours, Costa Rican rainforest expeditions.

You are much quick in action so that if you find that you do not like your partner or you have just made a wrong decision then you will take no time to breakup - not even giving a chance to your partner to make up the things. On the other hand, if you want to remain in relation, you will add the existing problem as a humorous episode of your love life. Independence, bold and expansion are your keywords. Travel is your passion and you love to make friends.You are energetic, ambitious, jovial, quick, clever, and explorative and open to new ideas.The Sagittarius man and Gemini woman will cover the spectrum of topics of interest and curiosity.They are both exceedingly friendly and enjoy casual socializing.

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You appreciate and respect the life as a gift and want to live it with zeal.