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Bishop Sullivan brought hope to so many of us LGBT Catholics and those marginalized.He made room for us in the Church, telling us clearly that we are valued members of the community.The homosexual couple faces “sin or heartbreak,” while the heterosexual couple faces “marriage or heartbreak.” One might explain this by arguing that, when it comes to heterosexual couples, marriage provides for the situational alleviation of what is otherwise a sin.Sin and marriage find a union in common interpretations of 1 Corinthians 7 (and Augustine) which states, “If they cannot exercise self-control they should marry, for it is better to marry than to be on fire.” Under a frequent interpretation, the cultivation of sexuality in relationship always leads to sin, unless alleviated simply by the marital relationship.It was the legend that bullets that fly in the air can kill people on their way back down to Earth.No matter how many times Adam and Jamie proved that the impact of a bullet coming back down to Earth after being shot straight in the air is not fatal, I shook my head in disbelief.We mourn his loss here on Earth, but we celebrate his homecoming and beg him to continue to intercede on our behalf. Who we are: The Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry (CALGM) is an association of diocesan, parish and campus-based ministries and those involved in these ministries.

One View of Sin and Marriage On the other side of this view, we might say that heterosexual relationships end in either marriage or heartbreak.

What we experience as temptations to sexual sin outside of marriage become legitimate desire once they are directed towards a spouse within marriage.

Pope John Paul II writes against this view in Love and Responsibility, but I believe that the canon lawyer and former Judge of the Roman Rota, Cormac Burke, does this more clearly.

We discussed marriage prior to me going there an...

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Sexuality always involves some level of sin (in handing oneself over to sexual desire), but marriage provides a space in which such sin can be condoned.

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