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Thank you in advance Hey, I have a HTC Desire and when I load up an internet page which involves me putting in my username and password, I do so then click subit but all it does is refresh the page and won’t log in.. a group I am involved in, and also my bank account…. However when I tap on it , takes me to the comment page wherein whatever I comment , it gets posted on my wall..

Facebook Live videos can be shared on Android devices by tapping “What’s on your mind?

I have for example 4 separate apps for weather all showing 0b, how can I get rid of these???? Do you have some security app installed by any chance? Also, try clearing your Internet cache or some other browser (Dolphin, Maxhton, etc) Hey kojocop! About screen problem – well, it shouldn’t go black immediately. Little scratch can cause some problems to proximity sensor. So I do get the updates for birthdays on a particular day.. I cant clear the screen message that tells me I have an answer phone message even though there arent any, No one seems to be able to give me any help other than to return it to factory settings and I dont want to do that So I tried solution 1 and 2 to solve the issue of Facebook not updating, however now friendstream won’t let me add new Facebook account, kept telling me service currently unavailable, so I can’t use friend stream at all.

When I click on them and open them there is no where to delete or uninstall, as they show no size, any help would be greatly appreciated regarding this matter! Almost all smartphone batteries last a day, because of all applications in the background, large screen, etc. Anyway, it sound like problem with proximity sensor and since your phone is new – use that guarantee. When I go on the agenda page , tap on a a friend’s birthday event to wish , it takes to page where it states to send a greeting..

You can write a quick description and choose the audience that you want to share with before going live.

Some of you with HTC Sense-enable devices might notice that HTC Peep or Friend Stream isn’t allowing you to do anything.

This is very confusing for end users like us and I had to go through a lot of trouble before I was finally able to use internet pass-through on my phone. HTC Media Link The Settings now include an option of HTC Media Link to share your photos and videos to your television. Previously I could see how much battery my screen has consumed. Probably because the screen time consumes the maximum battery power and battery usage of apps in front of screen time seemed puny.

From Facebook: “To share live video, tap on Update Status and then select the Live Video icon.Fortunately, our developer friends over at XDA have modified the Facebook and Facebook Home APK files so that they'll work on any Android device.So, if you want to see for yourself what Facebook Home is like, just follow along below.Total pain cos you cant see if you’ve connected and have to keep pressing top then trying to get to no’s quick enough for call centre anser services. Then, tap your message and click on View message details. In order to delete system applications (yes, Facebook is system application for some reason) you’ll need to root your phone. To answer your questions: - You can change case, of course – check this page.Thirdly if i try and post my status on FB it just closes and says unfortunately FB has stopped. all there seems to be loads if duplicate applications with no file size means they show a capacity of 0b. If it says Status: Received (while it’s not) talk to your provider. Then you download Titanium Backup from Google Play which can uninstall those apps permanently. - There are tons of apps which can delete temporary files. Use wireless networks and also check Use GPS satelittes.

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If you haven’t already read the news, Twitter is suspending all other authentication methods in favor of the more secure OAuth as of yesterday.

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