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Free sex dirtymen

Just as I knew his initial post would lead to a blood bath, I knew his apology wouldn’t fly with those who were outraged.In fact, we’re kinda happy with ourselves this way.There was the commentary in the Omaha paper to the less kind response at Raw Story.People like shagging and as long as they continue to do it, porn, prostitutes and sex toys will never go out of fashion.

Even though we’ve never shared a beer, I kinda feel as if District of Nebraska Senior Judge Richard Kopf and I have become friends. I twitted about it, which reflected my confusion: You see, having read many of Judge Kopf’s posts, and getting a feel for his sense of humor, writing style and manner of using self-deprecation to make a point by carrying the burden himself rather than foisting it on someone else, or the rest of his gender, I got his point. Judge Kopf wrote a follow-up post, trying to explain the offending post:.* I do care passionately that federal trial judges be seen as individuals with all the strengths and weakness (baggage) that everyone else carries around.


I thought about emailing Judge Kopf and telling him, “Dear Judge, are you fucking nuts?

In the rough and tumble world of a federal trial practice, it is sometimes necessary to see and react to that world as it is rather than as we wish it would be.

And so when I read his post the other day, On being a dirty old man and how young women lawyers dress, I sucked in some wind and pondered what, if anything, I should do.

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