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Without hesitation, the customer tapped the 20% button and the couple went on their way.

The exchange is a common one with Square, according to local merchants who use the service.

Transgender students must comply with the Selective Service registration requirement based on the student’s gender at birth as listed on the student’s birth certificate.

If you withdraw two hours or more before it begins, you’re welcome to a full credit good for one year toward another Write-In. If you simply don’t show up and don’t notify us in advance, you forfeit your money.

A few weeks ago, a young couple walked into New York City’s popular Big Gay Ice Cream shop and ordered a shake.

One of the customers then handed the cashier his credit card, and after swiping it through Square Register, the mobile payments service developed to replace traditional point-of-sales systems and cash registers, the cashier turned her countertop i Pad in the direction of the customer, prompting him for a tip.

Some states require Selective Service registration to enroll in a state college or university or to qualify for state financial aid.

Some colleges and universities require Selective Service registration for the student to receive institutional financial aid funds.

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If you need to withdraw after your class has started (or one business day before it starts), you won’t receive a refund, but you’re welcome to a Gotham credit less the price of Week 1 and your $25 registration fee, but we need to hear from you two business days or more before Week 2 meets for that to happen. For a refund or credit, contact us two business days or more before your class starts.