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Video footage captures the moment a rubber boat was attacked by a Great White Shark off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa.Rainer Schimpf , a tour operator and cameraman, was on his boat leading an adventure tour when the incident occurred.This heartwarming footage, titled Killer Whale is paying attention, was uploaded to imgur yesterday.Since then it has gone viral with more than 195,000 views. The story comes after a Great White Shark shocked tourists when it attacked their boat.The Televõrgud team mounted receivers in the tower owned by Elering.After some system tuning by Kernel and EENet transmission from the nests came on-line, beginning on April 19th. Both Estonian osprey nest cameras were installed at artificial nests built within the ESTLAT Eagles project.Ilmar’s nest has a camera for the third year, that of Madis for the fourth year.

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The Estonian female bird is busy in the nest, the male arrives with nest materials.

As usual he is a little smaller; this shows well in the camera image.

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She first gestures a circle with her hands, at which point the whale turns on it’s back.