Eclipse validating xhtml slow dating srv stratocaster

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It will only be able to ensure that the document is well-formed.Consider the following sample DTD: However, this is not the best approach, ideally you should use the right system ID (or not to use it at all).

You can map URIs to the locations or even the system IDs if you want.When you start editing an XML document, Eclipse tries to recognize the document type and match it to one of the types it knows (like one of supported XHTML flavors, Web Application Deployment Descriptor etc).However, if you are working with a language that is not known to Eclipse, it will be unable to validate the document.It look like the code assist for JSF tag is not working properly in the .xhtml file extension?In Eclipse project, you have to make sure the project is supported the WTP and JSF capabilities. Right click on the project, choose properties, select “Project Facets“, make sure the “Java Server Faces” is checked.

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