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I was subtle, probably appeared aloof, and generally defied the stereotypes posted here about how interested men behave. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Now chances are that any given man won't behave like I did, but men are........roll........individuals who handle things in a variety of ways. The way her car swooped in with 6 police outriders... I was expecting more with the dress, being that it was nearly half a million...The actress, who turns 27 today, has proved a huge hit with the show's fans and TV critics alike since joining Matt Smith on the show permanently, with many touting her as the Doctor's best assistant yet."Although I haven't received a single love leyter or marriage proposal since I joined! "It might change but so far people don't really recognise me.I think it's because I'm short, whereas Matt is tall and has a distinctive walk so he's easy to spot."Matt, who has played the Time Lord since 2010, has also been singing his new co–star's praises."In Clara, the Doctor has met someone who bites back, that's for sure.

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He likely wants a LTR IF he meets a gal who blows him away. What he is "getting out of it" varies; sometimes guys like to have a backup, that is, a gal strung along in case the gal they really like bails out/is stringing THEM along and ther ego needs the boost. He thinks you're OK enough to maybe hook up with when /if the mood hits him or nothing better is available but I can promise you he is not so into you he called his pals and was all like I met the HOTTEST girl the other day. When they're into you, they act like fools, call and schedule and call again, and much like barnacles, you cannot pry them loose.

He is not so into you he is posting about it on a forum. Just to clear this up even more, the women I have been interested in likely had no clue for weeks or months.

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