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Define seriation dating

Petrie was a scientific archaeologist, probably close to our first example.The seriation method works because object styles change over time; they always have and always will.Indestructible grains, preservation in bogs and lake sediments allowed pollen experts to construct detailed sequences of past vegetation and climate.Can yield environmental evidence as far back as 3mya`Based on observation that the annual growth rings of a few tree species vary in width according to differences in seasonal growing conditions (esp. Successful means of calibrating or correcting radiocarbon dates2.

Absolute dating techniques were not available to him (radiocarbon dating wasn't invented until the 1940s); and since they were separately excavated graves, stratigraphy was no use either.Idea that something is older or younger relative to something else Expressed in terms of order.Assignment of an age to a physical remain based on the association with other remains of known age.deposit and can be no alter (no more recent) than the deposit itself Allows to date a field site by dating an artifact because of association Nitrogen, fluorine, uranium, collagen content, gradually reduced by process of chemical decay. Very variable, depends on site's chemical content as well.Cannot form a basis of absolute dating, but on an individual site, chem, dating can distinguish bone on different age found in apparent stratigraphic association Duration of different artifact styles that governs seriation Artifacts are arranged acc.

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At this step, the dissimilarity between items 4 and 5 is the currently smallest dissimilarity.

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