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Last time I was in Paris, I was sitting alone in a café when a Frenchman in head-to-toe Lycra blew in.

He was unshaven, long-haired and handsome in a soul-in-torment sort of way.

A young man from Arizona was very interested in knowing what kind of naughty fun I got up to—now, where on my profile did I list an interest in that?

So I guess creeps can get through Adopt A Guy's women-controlled gates, after all, albeit with much less frequency than your average dating site.

French men may lack the height and humour of their British counterparts, but one thing they’re really good at is approaching women.

If you are someone who travels a lot, whether for business or for pleasure, it is only expected that you will want to get out there and experience everything that France is known for.

Are dating websites changing the dating game in France?

The Local has taken a look at a study on French online dating habits, released in by Ined, an Institute for National Demographics Studies.

If there’s any nationality that you think wouldn’t need much help in the dating department, it’s the French.

That's because when we think of the most romantic people in the world, we almost certainly think of the French.

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