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The list you're viewing is made up of many different family members, including Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, James Rothschild, Lionel Rothschild, and David René de Rothschild.Featuring Rothschild women, descendants still living today, and more, this list has it all.With different branches of the family still in business, a row simmering since March this year has flared up again over the use of the Rothschild name.Paris Orleans, the holding company of France’s Rothschild & Cie and the UK’s NM Rothschild investment banks brought together by Baron David de Rothschild in 2003, voted to change its name to Rothschild & Co.The pair, who sat side-by-side in class, were separated at 13 when Osborne graduated to St Paul’s and Rothschild was sent to Eton in the footsteps of his father, Jacob, 4th Baron Rothschild.

“We deplore this decision, which is tantamount to appropriating the use of the Rothschild family name, without any distinguishing element, and adds to confusion between the groups. In a way.”Catroux first honed this look in two apartments he did in 1975 in the gleaming, brand-new Olympic Tower, in New York—one for Chilean tin magnate Antenor Patiño and his wife, Beatriz, and another for couturière Hélène Rochas. “I love taking the 18th century and modernizing it—mixing it with a contemporary attitude.If you're doing research on historic members of the Rothschild family, then this list is the perfect jumping off point for finding out which notable people are included.The Rothschild family has held prominence in the world dating back many years, so it's no wonder that many people have a fascination with its members.

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While this is not an exact family tree, it does show a list of many popular members of the Rothschild family.

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