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You seem to think that some methods aren't affected.

Born in 2014 NASASEASONS was founded by five teenagers in Paris and embodies their love for youth culture, inspired by fashion, music and the urban party scene.

"Find horny locals where ever you are at any time, whether it's late night after the club or visiting a new city on business." According to the Daily Beast, there were 100,000 sign ups in the first eight weeks.

So demand for this kind of service appears to be high.

The times it is used to actually create user interfaces it is not a big problem that the run method is in the user interface thread, but for session handlers and other things that needs to be created in the background based on requests from the outside? so they do not pose a problem All control, VI and application methods and properties require the UI thread.

If the UI thread is tied up with the calendar display (and, as I posted on your other idea, I have no idea why this would be), then all properties/methods that need the UI thread will be impacted.

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The Run Method is pretty much the only option we have in Lab VIEW to scale an application dynamically by instantiating new VIs - but there is one big catch - for some reason it requires the unser interface to be idle(! Personally I use the run method to create new trend windows (you never know how many trends a user wants to see at the same time), create session handlers for remote clients etc.

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