Dating when to introduce to friends

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My friends are super cool, and my sisters very friendly, yet they couldn’t get him to interact with them.We didn’t even spend an hour at the party, and he insisted we leave soon after we got there. If your man hasn’t introduced you to any of your friends and you are past the honeymoon stage, I would say that in itself is a red flag.When should you introduce a new person to your friends?There’s no designated time that’s right, because every relationship progresses at a different speed, says online dating coach Erika Ettin, founder of A Little Nudge.The short answer is: whenever and however feels right for you, but women are strange creatures and short answers don’t often do us justice.

If your date shares a common interest with one of your friends and you think they'd enjoy each other's company, start planning.

It’s a lot to walk into as an outsider, especially because she was a few years younger than us. She was completely overwhelmed and clammed up, even when we tried to engage her in conversation. I’m not talking, full-on resumes, but at least some talking points for both sides.

She left pretty quickly thereafter, clearly uncomfortable and more shy than the rest of us. Whenever I’m about to introduce a guy to my group, I give a quick rundown: Rosa’s in med school and I used to dance with her, Abby is my best friend from home and is based in D. These tidbits can then easily become conversation “So Rosa, Lizzie tells me you used to dance together.” Boom. The bar was too loud, Tim’s friends were standing, mine were sitting, and neither group had any interest in moving.

However, the question is, how soon should you introduce your new man to your friends? I was going to brave the point of view that you should meet his friends when you feel comfortable doing so, however, knowing that there are a few shy ladies amongst us, this might take forever and a day.

A few years ago, I dated a guy that I NEVER met any of his friends. We were together for 6 months and looking back, it’s hard for me to even fathom how I could have not noticed it.

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Make sure you know your new flame’s comfort zone here.

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