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Dating superstitions

To make sure their love keeps burning throughout their union, they've been known head to the alter carrying an appropriate symbol: A match.

Photo: Shutterstock China When it comes to Chinese wedding traditions, timing is everything.

هل تشعر بالتوتر عندما تمر قطة سوداء من أمامك؟ هل تتجنب المشي تحت السلالم؟ إذا كسرت مرآه هل تتوقع سبع سنوات من الحظ العاثر؟ إذا كان جوابك "نعم" على أي سؤال من هذه الأسئلة، فمن الواضح أنك شخص يؤمن بالخرافات.

Superstitions can be defined as, "irrational beliefs, especially with regard to the unknown" (Collins English Dictionary) They cause us to act in strange ways, believe in odd things and leave us unable to explain the reasons why.

There are very practical reasons for thinking twice before walking under a ladder, but a more mysterious explanation can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

The early Egyptians believed that the shape of the Pyramids had a special power.

But for women across the globe, it's more likely they'll have a good-luck chimney sweep at the church or fortune-bearing coins tucked in their shoes.

And instead of saying their vows at the top of the hour, many Chinese couples start the ceremony at half past the hour, so as to begin their lives together when the clock is on an upswing.

Photo: Shutterstock Though they may wear a white gown, many Mexican brides are sure to include some bold color in their wedding attire.

Particularly in the older generation, you'll discover that Italians tend to take superstitions seriously, often doing things 'per scaramanzia' - to ward off bad luck.

So if you want to ensure good luck comes your way, here are some of the things to watch out for, according to traditional Italian beliefs. Friday the 13th isn't a bad omen as it is in Western countries - but Italy has its own date that you should be wary of: Friday the 17th.

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They are quite often even more peculiar than the beliefs they attempt to explain.