Dating stoneware mineral water jug

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Dating stoneware mineral water jug

In my experience, Americans have a love-hate relationship with seltzer. For others, it’s too fizzy and not nearly sweet enough.Although a fan myself, I had not given seltzer too much thought until fairly recently when I encountered it here in the archeology lab.It will undoubtedly furnish the novice collector with a most detailed insight in to the world of antique bottle excavation and collecting.

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Adams, Allison & Company, (approx: 1868-approx: 1872), Akron, OH, United States, Occurs on 2 bottles, Manufactured beer bottles.

Frank Adams was a sewer pipe manufacturer in Middlebury, which later became a part of Akron.

A collection of stoneware mineral water bottles excavated from the Cove House site at Gateway National Recreational Area inspired me to explore the history behind the carbonated water we know as “seltzer.” And that history, it turns out, is pretty fascinating!

) built upon Priestley’s findings and manufactured carbonated mineral water.

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