Dating someone with different political views

Posted by / 12-Aug-2016 02:19

Politics used to be a relatively private subject, but its now being openly discussed amongst friends, family and even on dates.

Politics and religious views are usually the two subjects to avoid on first dates, but with politics being in the news what seems like every hour of every day across the world, its hard not to bring it up as a conversation starter!

Here’s their line of thinking: I would agree that the Internet has caused polarization.

This similarity between us makes for enlightening and affirming political conversations as opposed to heated debates filled with eye rolls.

If there is frustration about an issue, that level of frustration is often shared between the two of us as we realize the impact this election’s outcome will have on our family.

Or download the Candi Date app (where matches are based on political views) or try to find love on OKComrade, the left wing version of OKCupid.

Adam Hyde, editor of political news site Great British Politics, says, “Identity politics has been a key driver for young people of late and has strengthened the political dynamic to many relationships.

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At the end of the day our core beliefs and values mirror one another, but this isn’t the case for all couples.