Dating site survey questions

Posted by / 30-Aug-2016 18:06

About three years ago, the company decided to delve into that data to help improve its matches.

It brought on current VP of strategy analytics Amarnath Thombre to head up the charge.

Perhaps these interactions led you to realize how alone and depressed you were.

Of course, the flipside is that you may have been dissuaded into thinking about future partners by witnessing your annoying 5-year-old nephew wreak havoc on everything in sight.

It has been all over the media, and I've gotten numerous emails about it from those who are promoting it.

I'm all for nationally representative surveys of single people.

Upon creation of an account, the dating network prompts the users with a series of questions about their personalities and relationship preferences.

In one of the emails I received, the survey was described as "the most comprehensive, holistic study of singles in America to date." [Emphasis is theirs.] It was designed, the email continued, "to help better learn about and understand the behaviors, interests and thoughts of today's singles in America." The study was funded by, which should raise some red flags, but it was designed by academics and conducted by an independent survey research group.

Now that Christmas is over, and the New Year is upon us, most people are probably thinking about how their 2014 is going to shape up.

You probably visited your family with their cute significant others.

And, unfortunately, it revealed some inherent sexist biases. The survey says men should probably refrain from selfie-taking, yet for women it's okay.

Men with selfies received 8 percent less incoming messages, as well as six percent less responses to their outgoing messages (as compared to other men), whereas women who used selfies for their profile picture got 4 percent more incoming first messages.

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When applied to behavioral data such as psychological questionnaires, those factors describe things like personality types.”According to e Harmony’s “Married Couples by the Numbers” report, 71 percent of female users and 69 percent of male users find their future spouse on e Harmony within a year of creating a profile.