Dating s w model 10

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Dating s w model 10

The Smith & Wesson Model 10 is a classic police revolver used by police and military on most continents from the early 1900's until this day.It uses the K-frame size, like the Smith & Wesson Model 15 and Model 19.

Here is a direct link to the Factory letter I spoke of and the Excellent reference book the Poster before me mentions that can be ordered from your computer and shipped to your front door.

Jim Hello I see another responder has Pointed out an excellent source of S&W serial numbers and it will provide many hours of good reading on all the different models they made and make.

The Only True way to know when your gun was shipped from the factory is to apply for a Factory letter.

Another excellent book written by the factory Historion Roy Jinks is also shown and I have it as well and I highly suggest it as a Great choice.

I hope this helps, Hammer It Id=10504 Navy Joe, That's easy.

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Manufacturing records for guns made before that time may or may not be available.