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”' said Patrick Kielty When he first started seeing Cat Deeley, the British TV presenter who became a huge hit in America with her show So You Think You Can Dance, Kielty quickly realised that while dating the gorgeous, leggy blonde had very few downsides, running the gauntlet of the LA paparazzi was probably one of them.‘When Cat and I were first being photographed together,’ he explains, ‘they’d take our picture and then say to Cat, “And one for the fashion shot”, which basically means, “Can you just step aside please, Patrick?”’In fact, Kielty has had a career every bit as successful as Deeley, hosting shows such as BBC1’s Fame Academy and Stand Up For The Week on Channel 4, as well as his regular stints on The One Show and Comic Relief. You don’t want to come across as pretentious or condescending to those who aren’t saving lives or climbing mountains in their time off. If you’ve got a sense of humor, make sure your profile reflects that. Keep the tone light, still fill the profile with substance, and avoid a cynical tone. If you want to eventually get married, don’t say that you’re looking for a friend. Don’t post a photo of you standing in front of your workplace, name-drop the cute coffee shop next door to your apartment, or mention which holiday your birthday falls on. It’s one thing to be careful, it’s another to be dishonest. Make sure you use humble language when writing about your accomplishments and passions. If your profile reads as insincere, your matches will assume you’re mocking the process and not seriously looking for love. An online dating profile is not the place to vent about an ex or your online dating experience. Have a friend spell-check your profile and confirm that you’re accurately representing who you are and what you’re looking for. A profile should be written in your voice and from your perspective. Don’t share identifying information in your profile.So with a successful career, a dazzling wife and a jet-set lifestyle flitting between homes in London, LA and Ireland, how can Kielty get up on stage to perform at the Edinburgh Festival next week and ask the audience to feel sorry for him?In reality he’s using a witty bit of reverse psychology to lead into a darker subject. ” At the time you don’t realise you’re going through shock.’'But growing up in Northern Ireland you had less of those chats because a lot of people knew what you were going through. It was a case of looking after Mum and the family pulling together. What makes you different from every other person who can’t live without air, their family and their i Phone? You don’t want to eventually disappoint a date when the truth inevitably comes out. Your profile is your first impression: make it count. If you’re a marathon runner and really want to date a fellow athlete, emphasize your search for a partner in love and at the gym. Don’t fudge facts or tinker with your bio just to impress.

Finally at the last possible minute, just before the crew kill and eat Patrick, God intervenes and leads them to safety and civilization.

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Illinois, I’ve always been attracted to things I didn’t understand.

In high school, I tested into Spanish 5, a class that didn’t technically exist.

Our skin burns in the sun, there’s a “Kick a Ginger Day,” and Julia Roberts butchers our accent.

Even the lowly potato has been known to forsake us, for years at a time. That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has got more to do with the pot of gold some of us were lucky to find in California, and little to do with home. If we don’t have luck, what we do have, is a long and studied history of witching and spelling.

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Patrick Kielty flew 5,000 miles to woo his future wife Cat Deeley.

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