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Outfit changes, expensive cars, musical performances. We’re not talking about an awards show, a concert, or a wedding.

We’re talking about the things that typically go down on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

When a famous new mother is trending because of the way she looks, it's usually because she's made a quick and miraculous transformation to her pre-pregnancy body.

The actress and best friends Cassie posted several videos on Instagram.

With no make-up on, London explains that Cassie just picked her up from jail.

What we have is stronger than the bullshit & for that I'm thankful [...] #Happy Birthday Mrs H"Tiny responded to these kind words with, "Awe Big Daddy😬 can't do nothing but say I will always love u forever & day! Anywho thx for Everything especially those 7 up & show out like I know u to do!!

Always said u were the man to make all my dreams come true! "Of course, this seems strange in light of the fact that their divorce proceedings are looking progressively uglier with each passing update, but maybe we should take them at face value and understand that they're cool with each other. Happy Gday to my beautiful lovely lil loud mouth,argumentative know it all,shit kickin, Cap ass Southside Patna.

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(Think Teyana Taylor at the VMAs.) trending because of “YO, LOOK HOW HOT SHE IS AGAIN,” you might expect some not-so-complimentary comments.

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