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The village of Sarvasiddhi (10 km from Yelamanchili) was constructed by Eastern Chalukyas King Kubja Vishnuvardhan during 615 CE.Vishnuvardhana ruled over a kingdom extending from Nellore to Visakhapatnam.Xenotime can be of different origin such as detrital, diagenetic, hydrothermal and metamorphic.

Ongole is located in the eastern portion of the Prakasam District.Some Pre-historic findings were excavated from the surroundings of Panchadharla, Dharapalem and Yelamanchili surrounding Hills of Eastern Ghats.Research work is under progress on these excavations,and recently found lord venkateswara swamy statue.The Nellore Schist Belt (NSB) is a curvilinear Archaean schist belt, approximately 350 km long and 8-50 km wide.The Nellore Schist Belt is considered to be equivalent of the Sargur Group with a protolith age of 3.3-2.5Ga.

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After the Satavahanas, this place came into the limelight again during the Kakatiya dynasty, when the nearby towns of Motupalli and Voda Revu served as major seaports. The last dynasty to rule the Ongole region before the British was the Mandapati Dynasty(Zamindars).

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