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"Konashenkov is absolutely right – ‘stealth’ as ‘invisibility’ is just amateurs’ invention, not a technical term." However, according to Sutyagin, some of the Russian capabilities also fall in the category of speculation rather than hard capability.For instance, as advanced as Russian surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems are, and they are really quite advanced, they still face very real limitations.Even though the Russian systems have great radar range and capabilities, in the real world obstacles abound, and that makes it very hard to get a clear picture of real world air spaces.The Russian missile defense systems sit on trucks, ready to be positioned wherever needed in a specific region.

This step, just days after US and Russian bilateral negotiations for a ceasefire fell through, shows the depth of Russia's commitment to Syrian President Assad, who has shown a ferocious willingness to use chemical and banned weapons against his own people since the war started in 2011.Ukraine has filed a case against Russia for “acts of terrorism and unlawful aggression” at the United Nations’ highest court.The Ukrainian foreign ministry launched the action at the International Court of Justice on Monday, claiming that Russia was supplying weapons and other assistance to rebel groups operating in eastern Ukraine.Russian "air defense systems are designed to intercept high flying targets at a maximum range of about 250 miles," said Sutyagin.While this does pose a threat to US and coalition aircraft operating normally in the region, the missile defense can be outfoxed, as they less optimal against low flying planes or missiles.

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Historical data shows that the original village was located further West, but a landslide destroyed the village and it was rebuilt where it currently is.

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