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For example, I've talked to everyone from one-legged marathon runners to bedridden quadriplegics.If you have a disability that prevents "regular" date nights, this is probably the only site on the Internet where you can find people who are just like you.I'm wondering if Im gonna have a social life again. Take care Lorraine Thank You all for your wonderful replies .

The first thing you want to know when you’re looking into amputee dating is what the site has to offer.There are certain websites that cater to building friendships and communities.There are others designed just for casual encounters.If you ask me, this is a GREAT "weeding out" technique anyway. The people that knew mw before respect me, and the others dont know any diference. i dont think a real genuine person is going to "not like you" because youre an amputee. Glenn Barfield agree with what the others have said.LOL I wondered if people would accept me being different, but I agree with Tiger and kinzy. Like kinzy said, they are not worth having a relationship with anyway. Who would want to date someone so shallow that they won't date you because of an amputation.

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It also offers thousands of chances to meet someone new, a much better statistic than your typical club. Men and women are both welcome to join, and people of all ages, races and religions have flocked to the site as a place for amputee understanding.

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