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SSIH eventually became the third largest producers of finished watches and movements in the world.Omega has a long-established reputation for innovation and quality, which has led to numerous awards over the company's 150 year history, starting as early as 1900 with the Grand Prix at the Paris World Fair.When Louis Brandt passed away in 1879, he left the company to his two sons Louis-Paul and Cesar, who moved Omega to Bienne in January 1880.By 1889, Louis Brandt and Fils became the largest producers of watches in Switzerland, with a production rate of of over 100,000 watches per year.

Brandt, 23 years old, began by hand assembling watches from parts produced by local craftsmen.

Following a merger with Tissot in 1930 a new parent company, SSIH, Société Suisse pour l'industrie Horlogère SA, Geneva, was established.

This group eventually encompassed over 50 companies including, Lanco, Lémania and Hamilton.

Omega documentation* shows that: 1,000,000 = 1907-1910-1912 2,000,000 = 1904 - 1916 3,000,000 = 1906 - 1919 4,000,000 = 1910 - 1919 5,000,000 = 1916 - 1927 6,000,000 = 1923 - 1927 7,000,000 = 1920 - 1935 * Omega memo: From: Departement: Controle Central de Fabrication Bienne la 16 Fevrier 1970 Concerne Annees de fabrication Oh, please spare me any comments about what is published in "the book." Good luck, Kent That guy down in Georgia Darren: Although I haven't tried to analyze the data in depth, like Hamilton and, to some extent, Hampden and Seth Thomas, Omega may have pre-assigned huge blocks of serial numbers to different models or grades.

This would account for overlapping series' of numbers, spanning a years.

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I don't know who made "Omega cases", so it may also be that they outsourced these to a wide range of makers and simply instructed them to put an Omega logo on them. Early movements have the number on the dial side, but as the difference between case number (if from Omega) and movement number is small for early samples, the case number can be used to date early Omegas.

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