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I also realized that I went into each relationship with my feelings and not my faith, which in turn led me to be misguided.

I’ve been asked on a couple of occasions by a woman “What would you do if I said I wanted to be celibate? Well, I would usually answer quite honestly and say this: I might give it a shot, but I would probably leave. My honest response wasn’t met with happiness or thankfulness. " Minaj played along and called herself "an equal opportunity boob shower," joking, "I love them both.""And does Nas like both of them the same as well? Minaj squealed with laughter at the very mention of the rapper's name.And, you know, he's kind of cute, too.""But have you had sleepovers yet, or is it just...? It all started when the daytime talk show host mentioned the rapper's boob-baring look at Paris Fashion Week. " De Generes joked as some members of her studio audience saw a photo of Minaj's outfit for the first time. That was an actual pastie—a metal pastie," Minaj said. "He's fantastic and a really good guy.""He's so dope," the New York-raised "No Frauds" rapper confessed. He is the King of Queens, and I'd like to think I'm the Queen of Queens." Minaj later called him "a rap legend," telling the host, "I have a lot of respect for him. "We didn't do the..." she said, implying they haven't had sex. "There's a rumor y'all are dating, and if it's true, I'm all for it. I hate men," Minaj said, which De Generes can relate to—albeit for a reason.

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He respected my position and decided for himself that I was worth the wait.

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