Dating 911 by john bytheway

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“The question is what's going to be left after the storm.” Mr Trump claimed that Fox News was the “most accurate” network, and he had stopped watching CNN and MSNBC to avoid 'negativity' before work. He also insisted the press treated him “so badly” when he claimed last week there might have been a terrorist attack in France before the police had released details. Every time they said I called it way too early and then it turns out I'm ...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) I need an ambulance right now. Plus, a teacher accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student, and now she`s missing. BANFIELD: Get a good look at Tad Cummins fueling up before skipping town. Christy Mack and Corey Thomas were left hospitalized from near lethal beatings that lasted hours. This is your first interview, television interview about what happened that night. Just, I`ve got this guy on top of me, just pounding my face. And you know, some of my other friends who are ex-fighters and big, tough guys, they`re, like, I don`t know if I could have done much better, given the situation, you know. And you know, after the hospital, we spent time together. And then about a month or so after that, then stopped speaking, and it`s just kind of gone on from there. I just always hope the best for her, and I`m sure she would the same. and the information that she imparted on -- on everybody, so publicly, too. I`m gonna tell you a little bit more about that, show you the pictures as well. And I think part of the reason is there is some squabbling going on between the defendants. In the meantime, though, do you expect given what Erin Andrews was awarded by a jury in a highly publicized trial, which is never good for a hotel chain, 55 million, do you expect that if you went to trial, you would actually win more?

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Aired 8-9p ET Aired March 16, 2017 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. CHRISTY MACK, VICTIM: He looks at me, and he says, Now I have to kill you.

Even Hannah’s reaction to his criticism is itself a signal; she expected nothing but praise, like she got from everyone else, and is certain she can convince him of her genius if given a chance to have a dialogue.

(This is not how Dunham and Konner have reacted to criticism of the show, by the way, but that again illustrates the difference between a show about a spoiled and deluded person and one run by spoiled and deluded people.) And as Hannah tries to grab any handhold available to her to win this argument – because her self-worth is tied up in her belief in her talent, and if she can’t convince this guy that she’s a good writer, then there can be no relationship with him – things go from bad to much, much worse.

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When asked if he thought he had changed how people vote, Mr Trump pointed to his “very high ratings”, claiming they increased by two or three times when he appeared on the Sunday morning shows. It’s the highest for ‘Deface the Nation’ since the World Trade Center. It’s a tremendous advantage.” Several hours after the attacks on 11 September 2001, during which almost 3,000 people died, Mr Trump was interviewed on radio and claimed that since the Towers came down, he now owned the tallest building in Manhattan.