Client computer not updating wsus

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Client computer not updating wsus

This tool downloads all the patches as per your selection and stores in a folder, which will contain an executable to update any PC () offline.Not only that before updating it also detects that what already had been updated and more of it, the tool downloads updates in incremental ways, so that every time the folder will keep on growing to catch up the new updates.One thing I couldn't seem to find out (and apologies in advance if I have missed the relevant MS documentation! Obviously, the updates it downloads from MS onto the WSUS server are signed by MS, and verified by the WSUS server (right?) but does the client machine validate the certificate too, or are updates re-signed by the WSUS server for transfer to the client? My concern here is that an attacker with root on the WSUS server may be able to easily break in to all the connected machines, by sending a bogus update to them.I'm considering setting up WSUS on a Server 2008 machine to push updates to my Windows 7 clients.

I'm not concerned, in this scenario, about MS's Windows Update key being compromised, and I'm also not concerned about an attacker on the WSUS box preventing updates from being pushed to clients.

configured to obtain automatic updates from the WSUS server.

You must approve the updates before clients can download them.

– When any change or modification is done to the WSUS server, the changes are logged in this file.

It also provides information about the WSUS server database information that has changed.

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So for this WSUS demo, I will be using my Domain Server which is DC01.comsys.local and my client Surface01.comsys.local.