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"The power is within you, you're big and bright." Hey!you might be wondering who am I and why you should choose me.How to Talk to Girls on Facebook: A Step by Step Guide for All Boys Step 1: Preparation1. Make sure you use a very captivating add message in the box that comes up.But if you are not witty enough to come up with something humorous or intriguing, just skip the add message thing and send the friend request.2. Spend about 15 minutes or thereabout going through her timeline to know more about her, her interests, look at her past photos, posts, etc.It is all about getting more familiar with the kind of person she is, the things that mean the most to her, and how she relates with her friends.Doing this gives you a better understanding of the personality of your new friend and enables you make a better connection with her.3.

After repeated interactions with such men, women develop an aversion to Indian men and avoid them.Leave comments on her old photos, posts and videos Go through her past activities online and comment on cute photos of her, her posts, and videos you find on her timeline.If you find any future photos, videos or status updates from her, click the like button and leave a comment.If there is no problem with that, i can be with you as your good friend:) *Taking chats of people which belongs to India only, sorry for inconvenience* I have been through a lot but still everything happens Bcz of some reason and feel free message me anytime i will not disappoint you 😇😇 Hello there! Believe me asking for help is the bravest thing you have done and the braver thing would be to talk to someone without any burden in your heart.No matter the issue I am here, If you want someone to listen to or want them you listen to you or want some advice I am here.

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However, I think (not sure) I have discovered a very sophisticated Facebook scam, and wanted to warn blog readers about it -- and also ask if anybody else has been hit by the same thing.