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Modern Grid aesthetic blog design is a perfect choice for all the creative bloggers.

Since Ubuntu decided ifconfig no more we worked our way around it.

There are photographers who can use layers of textures and make it absolutely beautiful and then there's 18 year old me googling "old vintage paper" textures thinking I'm an innovator, haha. I just never wanted to stop and I'm very glad I didn't. See, almost 10 years after I got into photography did I find my own personal style.

These make me happy but they are also hard to look at, haha. I put myself out there in a city I was a newcomer in. I still had a day job, this was HARDLY paying my bills.

Don't get me wrong, shooting weddings can be ridiculously fun and I love the on-spot challenge, but full time? You realize what you love and what you don't; there's no right or wrong. You aren't a failure just because you can't shoot a wedding every single weekend. But I know some incredible photographer friends of mine who do just that and LIVE FOR IT. Just my two cents.2016 itself was a year of extreme growth, not only in how I shot, but in my business in general.

Late 2015 was when I got laid off of my 9-5 office job and started freelancing photography full time.

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I am ready to close the door on infertility, all the failures, loss, anger, insecurities, and all the time that making videos, scheduling photo shoots, planning content and blogging takes up in my life. Every time I failed it was like I had the Scarlett letter on my chest and the internal thoughts of being less of woman would shadow over everything in my life.