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Backdating software

At the General Ledger (G/L) level, allowed date ranges can be controlled by a combination of the General Ledger Setup and specific User Setup.When entries are posted, the “Posting Date” can be controlled by the user, as long as it falls within the defined range allowed for said user.Timely enforcement of posting ranges should prevent the backdating of transactions, but there may be times when things can sneak through between the time you are ready to reset the posting ranges and when you actually get them reset.(Note that the Adjust Cost Item Entries functionality can be the source of unanticipated backdated entries as it processes its costing entries.) So, what can we do if faced with this type of situation?If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.Turning your clock back used to work many, many years ago."Whether you're taking a look at your data from now or from 45 minutes ago, 45 hours ago or 45 days ago, we can instantaneously provide you all those copies of the data because we're always recreating the block anyway," Weiner said.

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The schemes for late recording of liabilities mirror those of early revenue recognition, so we will cover only the latter topic.

According to GAAP, revenue is recognized when the earnings process is complete and the rights of ownership have passed from seller to buyer.

Reduxio's HX550 Flash Hybrid storage system uses what the vendor refers to as Back Dating to enable users to recover data from any point in time.

Back Dating works like built-in continuous data protection (CDP) for all applications.

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It involves attempts to deceive, not good-faith disagreements on accounting treatments.