Baby boomer online dating statistics

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Baby boomer online dating statistics

Few offline seniors plan to start using the Internet in the near future Summary Canadians' use of the Internet has changed the way they work, shop, gather information, communicate with friends and family, and manage their time.

More than half of boomers who plan to work during retirement want to launch a new career, the survey found.Please "contact us" to request a format other than those Ben Veenhof and Peter Timusk Introduction What you should know about this study Seniors use the Internet the least, but are the fastest growing group of users Online activities reveal different role of the Internet in seniors lives Seniors more likely than boomers to play games Seniors stay connected to news and events but are less involved in community groups online Seniors use government online information differently from other users The Internet is a common source of retirement planning information for boomers Seniors active health information users, but look for different types of information Seniors not yet buying into e-commerce Which seniors are the most Internet-savvy?Increasingly, boomers are getting around that problem by working for themselves.In 2011, individuals ages 55 to 64 accounted for nearly 21% of new entrepreneurs, up from 14.3% in 1996, reports the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

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