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Avg stuck in updating mode

I never authorized continued payments to this lousy company, but they took information from my Pay Pal account and made it anyway.It looks like a couple of weeks before I will get the money back. All it got me was their free version (with unlimited popups), and an unauthorized charge. I have had AVG for about ten years, but in the last couple of years when it is time to renew it has seemed like the pop-up hard sell has gotten worse and worse.Apparently AVG according to the Tech are having rather a lot of consumer complaints relating to this issue.I told him that there should be a RED warning sign against this download because the result of our conversation was that for £80 AVG can clean up my old computer or I can take it to a fix it shop, like so many other people are doing apparently. I have literally thousands of people who are customers or followers that will benefit from this. So you shouldn’t be removing that, but you can of AVG Zen. UPDATE 1: AVG is forcing is Zen upon us, they’ve removed the offline installer from their download page, which I’ve mentioned above and included Zen with Online installer.So don’t install AVG using web installer provided by the company, instead go for standalone installer, which is not installing Zen at the moment.When I tried to change from AVG, undelete via all Microsoft modes did not work.System resources were used at a high level, all attributed to AVG programs.

No the programme is obstinately refusing to uninstall until it says that I remove AVG PC Tune UP which I'd already done.

I like probably of many of you cannot at this time afford a Security Suite so I read some reviews and decided (poorly) to install AVG 'Free Scan' BUT it came with ZEN. AVG do not have an available tool to uninstall this Errr..'programme' shall we call it.

Even their support Tech guy who has just been remotely on my computer CANNOT uninstall it.

To avoid this in future, visit you’ll find latest offline and online installer links for AVG free.

Update: Let me re clarify as I’ve mentioned about AVG Protection, which indeed is the antivirus program component right now.

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