Anime dating sim game deviantart vapc liquidating nh

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Anime dating sim game deviantart

We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project.If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer.If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. controls:-to start u gotta directly click the "start game" sprite lmao-the green flag resets everything -everything else is pretty self explanatory-dont hit space or click too much or u will Mess Everything Up **EDIT: the "whats ur super hot name? -my beautiful boyfriend mettaton-just kidding lmao thats hetero-also this one donald trump dating sim (there are actually 4 endings,, try to get to the true ending ;-) its 5am rn im gonna die i used so many images lmao Alright if u see ur work here & want it replaced/taken down hmu & ill do it & if i got any wrong just let me know!!!!" thing caused some problems & i didnt know what to do so i just took the entire thing out bc im a Genius thanks for being here today frends i recommend u fullscreen it ;) featuring:-mettaton-at least THREE endings!! trust me i have 7000000 gfs-my inefficient programming-why is napstablook here??? mettaton/other spritestitle card mettaton: sodmerow on deviantart1st sprite mettaton: deadlysuperstxr on tumblrleg mtt: automatondiva on tumblr2nd mtt: tanakas on tumblrbroken mettaton: nexarkdrawings on deviantartneo mettaton: mettaton-enthusiasts on deviantart3rd mtt: welcome-to-the-show-darling on tumblr4th mtt: marreeps on deviantartnapstablook: melodicespurr on deviantartstargazing mtt: luciteo on tumblrsweater mtt: xxianghua on deviantartpepe mtt: ditzgust on deviantart audioevery time we touch nightcore: J0a Xxp Tf Manime ost 1: Xhm0r Irvojeopardy theme trap remix: Nd S12H38nice legs: Kne YY00f HQdeath by glamour: on titan op: RK2_g Vsexplosion sfx: Ot Ggxa X5gsad airhorn music: XQRp F08Eclub music nightcore: Lsmy heart will go on recorder cover: IBSZp1Qnapstablook's fire mixtape: Fx2nkbring me to life nightcore: L-2Cu6z SNkdeath by glamour kazoo cover: ZVsg Pomv Wo backgroundstitle page: thanks paintbuckettown 1: bg: 2: nagisahazuki on tumblrheck: room: naminri-chan on deviantartnightclub: naminri-chan on deviantartmtt's room: peach-mork on deviantart PAPYTON!!!!!!

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17 June 2017 --- Phantom Seeds is now available in 5 different languages.

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