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The net difference between the two major genealogies of Genesis is 1466 years (ignoring the "second year after the flood" ambiguity), 85% of the total difference.

(See Dating creation.) During the Talmudic era, from the 1st to the 10th centuries AD, the center of the Jewish world was in the Middle East, primarily in the Talmudic Academies of Babylonia and Israel.

This massive shift in how people read has been changing the publishing industry, but ...

While most Christians want to read their Bibles regularly, we often fall short of integrating Scripture reading into the daily rhythm of our lives. I’m too caught up in the now to worry about what has to be done tomorrow. High in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah stands a magnificent aspen forest.

My mother's pale, gaunt face was transformed into wreathes of joy when I walked through the door of her hospital room.

Although her eyes seemed sunken, they sparkled with the zest for life that is her own special trademark. Everyone has heard the expression, “print is dead,” and there is no shortage of opinion about the explosion of digital publishing in the past few years.

Other than that it's a sexy piece to have in your collection for those fun nights !Yes, Andrew Christian—he of the sexy underwear and sexier underwear models.She had the same wariness we would: “I’ve heard all sorts of things about him—that he’s a playboy, he works with all these hot male models in West Hollywood,” Patti says on Bravo “Rosie and Guinevere are probably not a match,” she says, “but Rosie said she felt so much more comfortable getting back out there after the date.” Underwear bigshot Andrew Christian, meanwhile, ended up choosing Daniel, who was cute but by no means male-model gorgeous.Today’s neighborhoods are diverse, and Christians often rub shoulders with people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.To choose relationship is, I believe, reflective of God’s nature. Steve was a house painter from England vacationing at a beach in the Philippines with his family. One day during a conversation that began to turn toward spiritual things, Steve said, "I've talked to numerous ...

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The large door labeled "Mental Health" stood at the end of the hallway.

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