An intimidating tenant

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An intimidating tenant

However, the Sorbonne had not an intimidating repute for austerity.

Campbell's good friend Julie Pepper said what happened at the rural Whangarei rental property yesterday was "unfathomable".When the relationship between a landlord and tenant becomes unworkable, the landlord may find it necessary to evict a tenant through legal channels.Eviction is definitely a legal process, and a landlord must follow each step to the letter if it is to be successful.A judge ultimately makes the decision whether or not a landlord can legally evict a tenant, and in many jurisdictions only the sheriff's department or equivalent can actually use force to remove tenants and their property.One thing a landlord cannot do to evict a tenant is change the locks or otherwise deny physical access to the property.

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This eviction notice is more of an official shot across the bow than an actual enforceable order, however.

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