Aedating v4 0 0002 php null pass

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You might want to examine the return value of those functions in detail, but since both are specified to return boolean types there should be no doubt. Knowing that, allows us to draw the following unlikely conclusion:isset() as a language construct is way faster, more reliable and powerful than is_null() and should be prefered over is_null(), except for when you're directly passing a function's result, which is considered bad programming practice anyways.

A second look into the PHP specs tells that is_null() checks whether a value is null or not. the result of a function.isset() on the other hand is supposed to check for a VARIABLE's existence, which makes it a language construct rather than a function. $var===NULL is much faster than is_null($var) (with the same result)I did some benchmarking with 10 million iterations:$a=null; isset($a); Took: 1.71841216087s $a==NULL; Took: 1.27205181122s $a===NULL; Took: 1.2424390316s is_null($a); Took: 3.70693397522s$a=5; isset($a); Took: 1.15165400505s $a==NULL; Took: 1.41901302338s $a===NULL; Took: 1.21655392647s is_null($a); Took: 3.78501200676serror_reporting(E_ALL&~E_NOTICE);unset($a); isset($a); Took: 1.51441502571s $a==NULL; Took: 16.5414860249s $a===NULL; Took: 16.1273870468s is_null($a); Took: 23.1918480396s Please note, that isset is only included because it gives a good performance in any case; HOWEVER isset is NOT the same, or the opposite.


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But you might be able to use isset() instead of null-checking.

You should not use is_null, except when you need a callback-function, or for conformity with is_int, is_float, etc. note: this is because == tests for equivalence of value, but not type.

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