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We racked our brains for 25 creative date-night outings sure to bring out your inner kid, inner nerd, and inner romantic.All you have to do now is try not to blurt out something cripplingly embarrassing.Plus, not only can you order East Side Pies directly to your car, or bring your own little picnic, but it Show your date you’re cultured and head to Southeast Austin, where Fitzhugh Rd has become the place for breweries and distilleries to set up shop and give free tours and tastings on weekends. Not only do they personally experience the pain in the ass -- um, privilege of dating in Austin on their own time, but their job also offers them a front-row seat to the dating scene and the opportunity to (soberly) observe as the rest of us (not so soberly) attempt to find our soul mate -- or next sexual partner -- every Saturday night. THAT’S a good place to pick up people.” -- “You have to be able to be sober and forward, which is a difficult thing for people.Family therapy is done to assist family members in improving communication and resolve existing conflict.It is conducted by master level clinicians in a confidential, safe, and caring environment.Adult summer camps that offer the best of both adult and childhood are popping up everywhere.

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It’s great to walk out the door with that kind of confidence, but combine that confidence with liquor and you might be putting some people in some uncomfortable situations.

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From this unique vantage point behind the bar, they’ve witnessed what works, what definitely doesn’t work, and, on some occasions, what might just get you punched in the face. Anyone that tries to hit on me at the grocery store is going to see me at my worst. Most dates I go on start with me chatting with a guy in a public place and being like, ‘I want your number.’ It’s usually me who asks after a conversation has been going well, and I think that people are afraid to do that -- I think women are afraid to do that. I get rejected all the time [but] if I wasn’t able to do that in real life, I would never date.” -- “If you're resorting to having to use a pick-up line, then the chances are you spit game like a Sega Genesis (not good). Just walk up to the person, introduce yourself, maybe tell the girl she's beautiful (not hot), offer to buy her a drink, and then ask her questions about herself.” -- "Austin is hard to date in for anyone, let alone someone who flirts with strangers for a living until late at night.

“Don't spend ALL your time getting tanked with someone. Get yourself and your date outta the bar on occasion and into the world. (But if you are gonna drink, come drink at Swan Dive! I have definitely given my number to someone on a receipt with plans to hang out later only for that person to go on a rager. Getting wasted on a first date is tacky.” -- “Some advice for a girl on a first date: don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend. I’m not here to talk to you about your ex-boyfriend and what happened, what’s going on.

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People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, identifying and working towards desired change, set personal goals, cope with major life challenges or trauma, and dealing with mental health diagnoses.

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