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It's only after it's already begun that it becomes clear Ellen really had no plan, and Bell is just stuck there saying "Hi, I'm Anna." Of course, in the case of Dory, we do have the "Pixar Theory." It's a glorious fan theory that every Pixar movie takes place within the same universe, on a single, consistent, timeline.

Of course, if we were to take this theory into account, it would also mean that we'd never see a major Pixar crossover, as too much time sits between the films to allow most characters to ever meet. Some of them have even been given tacit approval by some of Disney's creative team.

Nov 14, 2016 Google has hidden some super-adorable Easter eggs you can Every time you type /bikeshed the background color of your chat window changes colors 4 Google Hangouts Google took video calling and text messaging .

Aug 2, 2016 The 44-year-old actor cuddled up with some adorable puppies during Scroll down for video The Oscar-winner was off to a hot start as he answered the first question seamlessly and the 41-year-old chat show host got his .

The entire sequence is "Anna" trying to talk to "Dory," while Dory repeatedly forgets everything.

It's Dory's schtick, we get that, but there's a reason that she doesn't literally forget everything, it turns out it would be really annoying to watch.

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It doesn't need to be a full cinematic universe, but certainly, there's a TV special idea in here someplace.Chiang says he was inspired to create Elfkins as he found himself disadvantaged by not always being there in the moment when his kids wanted to talk.Now his voice is channeled through Elfkin’s Wi Fi connectivity and its own proprietary messaging system.Mar 18, 2015 This cute dachshund didn't let the cold weather get in the way of a game of backyard ice hockey, WATCH THE ADORABLE VIDEO HERE : Prince William and Lady Gaga video chat about mental illness .News, videos and photos about Baby of the Week on TODAYcom of the Week Kathie Lee and Hoda share this week's adorable group of Johnson's babies Dylan Dreyer and Calvin video chat with TODAY: 'I've never been happier .

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