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Gentry grew up in Portland Oregon and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from The School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

She completed her master of fine arts degree at The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences from New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology.

As of February 2008, Erika was engaged to Adam Gentry, a past contestant on .

Big Brother 4Landin made her "Big Brother" debut in "Big Brother 4", dubbed 'The X-Factor' due to eight of the thirteen House Guests having an ex-boyfriend or an ex girlfriend in the House with them.

She has taught one-on-one and group courses at corporations and colleges such as The Rochester Institute of Technology, The San Francisco Art Institute, Foothill College, City College of San Francisco and Rayko Photo Center.

Gentry specializes in lens based media (video, photography) digital imaging, multi media arts, education and fine art printing in the Bay Area.He is passionate about profiling interesting people whether they are a break- through artist, a fledgling stylist or simply someone with a compelling story to tell. By: Omar Velasquez San Diego is a wonderful place to visit for some amazing eatery.Both Bharatanatyam and folk dances require specific costumes that aren't readily available in the .Having helped many dancers obtain the practice Double Bass Guide In the first bonus booklet, “Bridges — How To Go From One Step To The Next…

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