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Accommodating single parents at work

Communicating and dealing with your ex after divorce is a given when you have children together.But how do you handle this new relationship with your ex-husband without slipping back into the same old habits of interacting with each other?Jane has been an associate lawyer with a large firm for the last 5 years.Her elderly mother, Helen, who has always struggled with mental health issues, has recently become seriously mentally ill.

In the short-term Jane would like to reduce her hours of work and adapt her work schedule to make sure she does not have to leave her mother alone for more than 5 hours at a stretch.

While they will have days that they have to miss, your goal should be to keep them in school whenever possible.

In most instances, even for those children who have debilitating pain, accommodations make it possible for children to succeed in spite of their condition.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based set of principles to guide the design of learning environments that are accessible and effective for all.

First articulated by CAST in the 1990s and now the leading framework in an international reform movement, UDL informs all of our work in educational research and development, capacity building, and professional learning.

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Clearly, some people are single because they choose to be.

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