Accommodating high levels of variable generation

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Accommodating high levels of variable generation

To make procurement decisions that include a balance of both solar PV and CSP, utilities need to see reasonable estimates of quantifiable economic benefits.

EPRI’s Bulk Power System Integration of Variable Generation (VG) research program addresses these needs and directly supports EPRI’s Research Imperatives #2 “Integration of Dynamic Customer Resources and Behavior” and #3 “Integrated Power System and Environmental Modeling Framework.” The Bulk Power System Variable Generation Integration research program provides variable generation integration analytics; development of planning and protection methods, tools, and models; and development of operator methods and tools to reliably and economically integrate wind and solar PV generation.Future projections are that a more significant build-out of these variable renewable resources is likely at both the transmission and distribution levels.With these developments, power system planners and operators require new tools and resources to provide a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective supply of electricity to consumers.wind, sunlight, waves, tidal forces, and some types of rivers) to generate electricity. Reliably integrating these resources into the bulk power system will require significant changes to traditional methods used for system planning and operation.Ongoing efforts brought together by NERC and its stakeholders have the potential to fundamentally change how the system is planned, operated, and used –from the grid operator to the average customer.

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